What’s this whole thing about?

Greetings one and all. Danny Lott, designer of Coma Ward, here.
In the coming weeks and months, as we approach the anniversary of Coma Ward’s release upon the world, I will be writing a series of posts about each phenomenon in the core box of Coma Ward. 
Depending on how well this is received, I may do the same for the expansion and guest writer boxes as well. 

In each of these posts, I will discuss the content of each phenomenon, its inspiration, things I feel I nailed, things I feel I failed, and how I personally rank each phenomenon against the others.

I will either write up each of these posts on a free blog publication site and link them here in this initial post below. OR, I’ll just continue to add to this post until it becomes an unbearable slog no one wants to scroll through…

Is this the content anyone wants? Probably not.
Will I follow through with this and test the character count of BGG posts? We’ll see.
Did I run this idea by the publisher or anyone else before just typing away? Of course not.